Christmas Bonus

Sorry to bother you again, but I just wanted to show you our Christmas tree 2011. We bought new glitter balls this year at Lauscha, where all glitter balls are originally from. The years before I decorated our tree with old glitter balls from our family. We've even got some from the 1950s. And we normally stick to traditional colors. We never intended to buy something in Lauscha - we just wanted to show some friends our Thuringian forest. But then - we saw a Christmas tree in white (frosted and with a luster like a pearl), green and tea brown (however you call it) glitter balls and fell in love!

I totally love the owl. (Can you spot it?) (And we spent most of pre-Christmas to fold Bascetta-stars to put them into the branches.)

The tree was from our garden.

(Pictures taken with the Lumix DMC FZ48. My mother got this camera for her birthday in late november. I'm very jealous. )

Yes, I just love this owl.

Now, hush, to bed I go. Good Night.

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