Finished hand warmers


 I finished a set of hand warmers. And am knitting on as it is just too much fun.

Other than that, work life has started well and as I've been doing this job now for one year I've become quite confident doing it. Some translation work was required last week, which made me happy. And I'm organizing the next Japan trip at the end of April. Sadly, I'm not yet sure if I'll be one of the party. You might think I've been to Japan quite often already, but I'd hop on a plane to go there anytime. April is Hanami-season and I yearn to see the cherry trees blossom again.

In private news, I just booked a flight to Amsterdam at the end of march. This will be my first trip there so if anyone has tips - please comment.

 Thank you for stoping by and leaving comments.

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First trip 2013: Frankfurt










I traveled to Frankfurt to attend the birthday party of a very good friend. We lived together two years when we studied together. Those times came and went too soon. In those times I went to Frankfurt for shopping maybe once a month (after all it took one hour to go there).

Coming back to this city was a little bit like meeting an old friend again. I like the mix of German and American-style architecture. It is really quite unique in Germany.
I recommend the Iimori bakery and restaurant for eating: Best japanese kitchen in town. (I had a matcha latte and a mont blanc cake with chestnut. Very, very good!)

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A snowy night in Weimar

Weimar City Museum

Post Office Weimar

Green Door, Weimar

Weimar, Thuringia

Weimar Hostel

Weimar City Hall Door Goethe and Schiller, Bauhaus Museum

Weimar National Theater

Goethe and Schiller

It was a snowy night three days before Christmas. As you know by now Weimar is one of my favorite cities in Germany. Oh - the magic of that night! Two famous German poets holding hands in front of the National Theatre. Old doors with blessings. Glittering lightbulbs in trees. Lighted windows.
I really loved it. Hope to have more magic nights this year. Hope you do, too.

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Blog hopping

Chantillysongs Blog hop

Have a nice and cozy sunday! While I planned to snuggle up in my bed with a good book on my kindle, I stumbled upon the Totally Awesome Blog Hop hosted by the four fabulous ladies Chantilly, Shell aka Kitty, Fritha Strickland and Jenny.

So I decided to participate and welcome all of you who jump by via the Blog Hop.

My little blog exists for almost two years now. Born out of misery over my failed PhD in Japanese Science I wrote about all that came to my mind. Mainly, I share pictures from the places I've visited and love. I also have posted some DIYs like Origami coasters and a Bascetta star (also strongly Origami related). I started knitting and crocheting two years ago and hope to show more of that in a short while.

Currently I'm attending the e-course hosted by Stef of magnoliaelectric to create an even better arcticfoxkitsune blog for you. More DIY in the future! Other than that, I hope to give insights into a life without much ado - be happy with what you've got and make even more out of it.

So stay tuned and comment! I'm always loving to hear from people from all around the globe.

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No Snowy Christmas - and happy new year!

Moonlit night

 I hope you all had a merry Christmas with your loved ones and a good beginning of 2013.

Thank you for dropping by now and then. This year we'll have more pictures of nice places on this blog and I sincerely hope to post some more tutorials. Also, the japanese magazine More seems to be of some interest and I'll post more of that, too.

 Snowy Christmas wasn't to be - every little snowflake had gone before Christmas eve (which is the day we Germans open our presents - at night.) My family did, what we always do: make potato salad, make last preparations, fetch Grandma from her town some 15 minutes away, go to church in the evening, eat sausages and potato salad in the evening (very traditional for many German families!), unwrap presents (got a book about knitting, a huge amount of money, underwear, japanese sweets, a japanese knitting book, japanese dorama dvds - the last things from very good friends.)

 So - what's christmas like in your country? You're very welcome to leave a comment about that.

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