Christmas Markets No 4

Well, not exactly a Christmas Market, but very close to the Middle Age Christmas market in Erfurt (last year with snow). Sadly, I never took pictures of said Middle Age market - sorry folks. The picture above shows the Krämerbrücke - as I told you in an earlier post - the last bridge with houses built on it in the north of the alps. (There are a lot of those in Italy, obviously.) It was very romantic there last year with all the snow and the lights.

In other news: I'll have a second job interview next week on monday in Berlin, and then another job interview an thursday near Munich. Thus - next week will be a job interview marathon, both jobs for beginning in january, which would also mean I might need to move between Christmas and New year. Oh my - sounds like stress is ahead!

But if I ever learnt anything this year it's this: Waiting, waiting, waiting without anything ever actually happening is the worst thing ever! So welcome the change!

Greetings! :)

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