Christmas Markets No 9

Christmas time this year has been kind to me. I visited no less than 6 different Christmas Markets all over Germany. That's not bad. Not bad at all. (Normally I'm happy to see two different Christmas Markets in one Christmas season.)

This last picture was taken two days before Christmas Eve in Weimar. This Christmas Market has been voted the best Christmas Market of the World by the bloggers of CNNGo.com. See the article here.
Sadly it was a rainy and grey day. Which is odd as my visits in Weimar are normally sunny and much more welcoming. See picture for reference:

(Same spot in summer. It's a normal weekday market.) I love Weimar and just can't recommend a visit enough. It has atmosphere. History is all around (the good and the bad) and you can find many things in its crooked backstreets.

For me Christmas is already far, far away. I'm back in HD, collecting my stuff, sending some home, packing up the rest. It is just unbelievable how much I could fit in this small room of mine. And I totally need an e-book reader. All my books are way too heavy.

I hope I find time to write before leaving. I don't know how my internet connectivity will be for the next two months or so as my pension won't have wifi. Fortunately a friend lends me an internet stick, but the connection might be too slow for uploading anything here.

Only two days till leaving! Still can't believe it.

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