New Horizons

My first week at my new working place is over and I've already learnt a lot. I wasn't bored and am confused in the right kind of way. You know what I mean: the way that urges you on to learn everything that you can possibly learn about the matter. So I'm looking forward to my second week.

As I am living in Bavaria now I can see all the things the whole world keeps talking about when talking about Germany. I've always wondered about some silly prejudices about Germany and the image of dirndl and lederhosen-clad Germans, sausages, huge amounts of beer and pretzels.
Well - now, I'm right in the middle of it. Yesterday, I went for a shopping trip to Munich and boy, did I see every single one of those things. There was even a fast-food-kinda-booth for pretzels:

You can buy the basic butter-pretzel there. But also pretzels with cream cheese or even Leberkäse (the original Bavarian meat loaf). Oddly enough, they are also offering coffee drinks and mashed (Bavarian) potatoes with different toppings. My butter pretzel was really good and next time I'm trying the mashed potatoes.

(The first picture is Bad Tölz at dawn. It was my first day at work and I missed my bus and had to wait for over an hour to take the next one. I was really embarrassed by this and called my workplace. Fortunately, they were really nice about it.)

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