Christmas Markets No 7

Christmas market booths in front of the Munich city hall.

Here I am. Sorting my things and throwing away stuff. Stuff I wouldn't throw away if I could help it. Stuff I'd love to give to friends if I'd knew they want it. But sadly, they don't. (Really, it's just old pens - most of them not working anymore -, some tea no one would drink, tons of copies from Japanese and English books (I swear I wanted to read those!!), seminar notes (I'm always thinking that I surely will need them again - but really it's about the definition of literature in different cultures and I'm fairly sure they are not going to ask me about that in my new position.)

Thank God I was quite well organized with my Christmas presents this year. The rig rag scarf for my father is finished and a crochet scarf for my mom will shortly be. May take some pics and show you.


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