Comen on, Spring!

Recent  developments:

- Work is going smoother and smoother, but I still need much more to learn.
- The weather finally decided to get warmer and much more spring like.
- I had some Japanese friends over in Germany and could train my Japanese much more than usual.
- I like exploring Munich and see much more of it every time I make it into the city.

Hope you have a great 'Spring Break'!


Some things I did this weekend

Knitting by Chisa2010
Knitting, a photo by Chisa2010 on Flickr.
Sorry for being rather silent lately. I totally want and need to write more often and regularly.

Today I planned on doing a post about "Seven things Sunday", something a German blogger, I like very much, does most weekends. (See her blog here.)
Unfortunately, I didn't manage to do 7 different, interesting things. I did some stitching, reading and then got hooked on knitting again. Even though spring has finally sprung in Germany. Thank God.

The wool is just fabulous (and was unbelievable expensive. I got one skein from my good friend, whom I left in Heidelberg.). It has silver threads woven into blue dyed wool. Really, really nice.

Wish you a good start into spring!


Spring's messenger

This cute little guy had a little accident with our front door. Poor cutie! At first glance I thought he might be dead - lying on the ground all twisted wing and feathers. I picked him up and couldn't do much more than stroking his soft feathers. He was back to his lively self shortly after and flew off.



To the guy who thinks he is so funny,

You are totally getting on my nerves. You're the sort of guy who will make fun of other people and what they're doing, what they've learnt and expect them to find it funny, too. (That includes me.)
Then, when we don't oblige, you will tell us that we're not tolerant, not funny and way too serious.

Well, I'm really sorry. But for border-crossing of your kind I'm too precious to myself. I've spent way too many years enduring guys like you just to be accepted. And the sad truth: I never was!

So, I've decided some years ago to be the way I am. If I don't wanna laugh - I'm not laughing.

And I don't live to please men like you.

I just live to please me and to feel good with myself. If I can do that, I'll be able to be happy and funny with my friends and loved ones. And that is what counts. Not what you think I should or shouldn't do.

Thought you oughta know.