Rays of light

Well, I finished my first half year at my job and I exceedingly like it, even though it is do far away from anything I've ever pictured myself doing for a living.
I may even be able to go to Japan for one or two times in fall! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Foxy Greetings.


Powerful Women

When I grew up I was raised in the belief that women and men are equal and we all have the same chances in becoming and getting what we want if we just work hard enough and study well.

Well, I've been known to be from the naive kind. I still believed in this when I entered university. It dawned to me when I finished my studies with very good grades but wasn't really able to get a job, while my male fellow students one after another got good positions. Most even in Japan.
That's when life's reality got to me.

I may sound bitter about that. In my case I'm happy how everything turned out. Even though I didn't finish my doctor thesis and am still in Germany, having gotten a job that hasn't really much to do with my Japan and Japanese skills. Everything will turn out well - that's my belief.

What really makes me mad, is the fact that there are still men in this world who actually believe that women can't be as good as men. Just last week there was a case where a certain colleague of mine - who isn't much older than me - stated that women generally aren't as creative as men. Because if they were - why aren't more women pioneers and inventors mentioned in history books? He believes because there were few to none.

Which is total bullshit of course. Naturally, society prevented women from "making a name" in the most cases and their achievements were forgotten or published under a male pseudonym. Then, during the times were some of the most amazing inventions were made, women had almost no chance to enter higher education (such as universities). That's the sad truth. And not that women are not as smart / hard working/ as creative as men.

Keep that in mind!

Foxy greetings.


Blue Hours

My vacation in early June was wonderful. And as the weather was a lot better than it presents itself now, I thought I'd like to share some pics to brighten our mood.
The Baltic Sea sure is not the warmest swimming pool out there, but on our first day it looked like the caribbean sea (as far as I can picture the caribbean sea...). I also went swimming but 14°C really are refreshing. It felt a lot like small needles on my skin.

The next day we had some small waves...

...and then we had some huge waves (well, more normal sized waves for the Baltic Sea). Gladly, the temperature improved and reached dreamy 17° C. Very nice to swim in ---or at leas jump in as the waves made swimming really hard.

I also like the seaside architecture a lot. I used my vacation time to read about the sea bath villages 150 years ago, when the German Kaiser spent his time there and every wealthy Berlin citizen was required to build a villa up north. The summers were spent at the seaside and it was all about being seen and talked about. Swimming on the other hand gained popularity a while later and wasn't really considered proper at the beginning.

I just searched for some pictures from that time but sadly, copyright issues prevent me from posting anything. But be my guest and google on!

Foxy Greetings.


Munich Residence

Today I just want to show you some pictures I took earlier this year, when I had a Japanese Guest to guide through Munich. It was a day in April and the hottest day this year so far. The Residence really is a must see for every tourist in Munich and it sure is breath taking.

Bavarian kings always had money and one can see real marble in all its splendor everywhere. (Thuringian dukes on the other hand never had so much and Thuringian castles are full of walls painted to look like marble.) Sadly, the Munich Residence was largely destroyed during WWII bomb raids and most ceilings had carved in so that the marvelous paintings and stucco were lost. In some cases forever.

In some cases the ceilings are still marvelous to look at. I just love this blue and gold stucco.

Everywhere you look is glittery gold, fabulous stucco and nice colors.

I especially liked this part of the castle where all forefathers and former kings and queens, dukes and duchesses are pictured.

And don't miss the treasure chamber! It is full of crowns, religious treasury and other pieces of jewellery.

And - are you planning your visit to Munich already? Well, there is much more to see. So stay tuned.

Foxy Greetings.



Me by Chisa2010
Me, a photo by Chisa2010 on Flickr.
I know, I've been kind of shy on this blog with posting pics that actually show me. And there's a good reason to this: In Germany we tend to discuss matters concerning privacy and copyright issues very seriously. I would never post pictures taken by others as lawyer firms here are just waiting for people to do so. And then it's paying time! Also matters of identity theft and Internet bullying have to be taken into consideration.
So I'd like to remind you: Please don't steal pictures taken by others and respect people 's lifes and identities.

The reason why I wanted to show you my face (finally): Well, I don't know about you, but I love to read blogs whose authors have a face a lot more. So that's me.

Foxy Greetings.


Grape flavored

When I was in the USA for the first time as a tenth grader I encountered grape flavored soda and other grape flavored stuff for the first time.
Believe it or not: In Germany they sell grape juice and that's about it.

In Japan I got addicted to Fanta Grape and every time I'm over there I'm quite frantic to find my Fanta Grape. At one time there was a shortage or something and I couldn't find it anywhere. Turned out they changed the bottle design into this curvy shape.

Today is Friday the 13th! Please take care of yourself and have your favorite soda.

Foxy Greetings.


Creativity and meaning

Like a bumblebee searching for nectar every single day, creativity is a very essential part of my life.
I need dreaming and fantasizing about all kinds of stuff. Not thinking - not even a second - is not an option. (Let me tell - that brought me in quite some trouble while doing yoga with a guru. He insisted on not thinking during mediation. Well - I strolled around deserted shrines in Japan during those sessions which was very pleasant but not wanted as it turned out.)

I got myself a new Schmincke watercolor set for Birthday. I've wanted one for a long time now, but the costs were too much for a student. So I started to experiment with color again and try to do the EDM challenges. But, it's not that easy to find back into the creative flow of painting. My first challenge (my shoe) turned out to look "dead" because I overdid the coloring. Watercolor needs to look vibrant and lively. Well, off to training, then.

Sadly - the other day - I was asked by a colleague why I did all this creative stuff anyway. As many of you might have experienced yourself painting, photographing, knitting, crocheting, blogging, writing are all things that are not really considered work or even something meaningful to pursue.

I really hate the question "Why do you do that?" "What meaning does it have?"

I just do it. I just want to do it. Even if nothing meaningful comes out of it.

So let no one make you feel unsure about what you're doing. Dream on and create.

Foxy greetings!


Settling in in Bavaria

In time with my 29th birthday my qualifying period at work ended without me being laid off or anything. I even got a bonus!

I feel more comfy here in Bavaria and actually quite adore the Bavarians for their easygoing nature and ability to chill. Preferably with a fresh and cool beer and a pretzel (or breze as the Bavarians call it)  in a Biergarten.

Other good news: I'll be going to Japan in October for a week with clients. And maybe in november, too. We'll see.

A very good friend of mine is currently finishing her masters degree and just got the news that she'll be able to do an internship at a Japanese firm starting in September. I'm very happy for her and wish her all the best in Japan. I'm going to visit you next year in spring!! Totally.

Foxy Greetings.


Internet Trouble

As I'm still not living in "normal" conditions here my Internet consists of an Internet stick and let me tell  you - reception is kind of slow. The Junkers above is way faster and reliable I'd say. (This pic was taken on my day at the German museum in Munich. It's one of the best spots in Munich and a must see for tourists, who have a few days to spare.)

Anyway, I might need to think of a new policy for posting. Meaning I'm going to write my posts and let them be posted later.

I'm in no way going to let my blog vanish. So stay tuned and stay curious. For there are many things to be seen out there.

Foxy Greetings.