And so the year comes to a close...

...with many new things to begin next year.

If you asked yourself where I was last week:
- from Sunday till Tuesday I was in Berlin enjoying the Christmas Markets there and also attending a second round job interview.
- they wanted me
- but I said NO.
- I'm not greedy or anything but I'd like to actually be able to life comfortably from now on.
- also there were no possibilities of ever going anywhere else.
- Yes, I was sad about saying NO.
- Actually it's hard to always get rejected when searching for a job but being the one to reject a job is even harder.
- I went to Munich on Thursday for another job interview.
- I got this job! (What's wrong with december?? ;) )
- I said YES.
- I will live and work near Munich starting from January 2nd.
- I'm super nervous if I'll be able to do everything the way they want it.
- Also about finding new friends.

But I'm happy that the Time of Waiting is over now. My life starts afresh.

At this point I'd like to thank YOU, my readers (especially the BIG FIVE up in the corner) for finding me here and following the hardest year of my life.
I like writing here and will go on. Please feel free to come back here often!



  1. Hey, gratuliere zum neuen Job! Ich wünsche dir: dass es "dein Job" ist, der dir Spaß macht, nette Kollegen und dass du dich in München wohl fühlst.

    Auch wenn ich nicht alles kommentiere, gelesen habe ich jeden Artikel.

  2. Congrats and good luck with the new job.

    Job hunting is always soo hard, I can relate.

  3. @Koelschgirl:

    Vielen Dank! Für die Glückwünsche und fürs Lesen. ;) Ich schaue auch immer wieder bei dir vorbei und konnte dank deinem Blog diesen Jahr auch immer mal wieder die Seele baumeln lassen.
    Wünsche dir eine beschauliche Weihnachtszeit!

    @ Emi (the little sketchbook):

    Well, it took me almost the whole year to get something. Hope you have more luck. It is sad that young people - in a fields - have to struggle so hard nowadays to get something decent.
    All the best and a merry Christmas!