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Well, I'm so totally stealing this idea, but we all love lists, don't we?
My "June list":
- do my work in a timely fashion: translating Japanese texts and writing job applications (hey, it's fun!)
- take more pictures and play with instagram
- make a blog schedule and write every day !
- leave lovely comments on lovely blogs
- find more followers (I should write this solely for my own happiness, but still - who wouldn't want to find a place in the bloggosphere? )
- buy the missing manual for building websites to get better in blogging
- do more creative writing (I'm currently writing a short story)
- do more crafty projects (I'm currently knitting a chunky scarf even though it is summer; I'm also crocheting coasters, granny squares and flowers)
- and write about those projects here! With pictures!
- maybe provide an DIY-project on this blog?? (How would you like that??) But I have to warn you: I'm a total beginner at this. Still - let's have fun!
- celebrating my 2X- birthday!!! Yay, another year that past.

Greetings - have a lovely weekend!

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