Instagram Magic: Zoo Animals

On Sunday my family went to the zoo in Erfurt. Last year in august my mother and I bought a sponsorship for a thuringian donkey at the zoo as birthday present for my father. Recently this kind of sponsorships became somewhat popular in Germany. So we paid food for one year and could feel happy about helping an endangered species. The cute donkey above is such an endangered thuringian donkey. Our donkey is a 33 year old female and was in her stable. We could pet her and she seemed to like it. (But my parents were kind of sad about her condition.)

Still, I liked the zoo and haven't been in one for a while. (Last time in Ueno, Tokyo as mentioned before.) The zoo in Erfurt is really lovely. Most animal quarters have been rebuilt or renewed and the animals look happy. A very interesting place is the integrated thuringian farm from 1862. It was built to provide milk for mothers and their children in those times. It is the most popular place inside the zoo and families with children gather there to have a look inside old farm life.

I myself found my inner child while feeding a llama. It was just hilarious! My hand was very wet afterwards...To be kissed by a llama cannot be a fun experience at all!

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