Somehow June wasn't quite the summer month this year. Yesterday I walked through a thunderstorm to attend a psychological study (well, I currently need that kind of money. Wasn't much, but at least I could buy some cereal for the next two weeks.). But I'm not complaining as it can get so hot in Heidelberg that one just keeps complaining about the heat. It's actually a heat that one can compare to the "mushi atsui" (muggy and humid hotness) that agonized me in Japan. But there is no air condition in private homes in Germany!
Next week I'll turn 28. 28 years, lots and lots of years of study and the question: Can I finally do something useful with all the things I've learned? Real life - hello, where are you??

When I started this blog I was devastated by the loss of my scholarship and opportunity to write a doctoral thesis. Well, I love to write - but was it really necessary to go on writing academic stuff? So I joined a Creative Writing group at my university and started to write a short story. Everyone needs to start somewhere. And someday I want to write a novel!
Well, job applications are going out, but I'll have to be patient, I guess.
I dived into being creative: Crocheting, Knitting and today I actually hand-sewed drawstring bags (well, one...). This is also definitely something I want to hold on to: Creating things with my own hands instead  of just buying stuff.

I'm just sad, that most of my friends from old times won't be able to join my B-day picnic. I really wish I could meet them again.

*The picture was taken at home, when I created a new drink for me and my mom. It was delicious.


  1. The drink looks really delicious. What´s in it?:-)

  2. Hallo Lewelya,

    danke für deinen Kommentar! Ich habe das Rezept von einem anderen (deutschen) Blog- aber schlag mich (bitte nicht!) - ich weiß nicht mehr von welchem.
    Das scheint das neue "In"-Getränk zu sein und nennt sich Hugo. Man braucht Limetten und frische Minze, die man am Boden des Glasses etwas zerdrückt, dann gibt man Holunderblütensirup zu und Crushed Ice und dann kommt ordentlich Prosecco drauf. Ach ja: Himbeeren gehören auch noch rein, aber die hatte ich gerade nicht vorrätig.
    Ist echt toooootal lecker!

  3. ah das hab ich auch schonmal irgendwo gesehen. Ich glaube es war Innen und Außen.
    Danke für die Antwort:-)