August rushed in

Things have been crazy around here.
Today another job offer came in and since I didn't receive the call from Japan I've been waiting for, I'll definitely try to get this job. It's a job in Germany (in Hamburg - a city I totally adore!), but still I'd be able to speak and write and translate Japanese. And that is all I'm asking for at this point. (Well, and be able to pay my bills and if it is possible at all to work with nice people.)

My mom is in pain after surgery and reacts kind of mean. I guess I'll forgive her.
My cousin visited me today out of the blue. I was so happy! We bought flowers for my mum and talked a lot and had a latte and a piece of cake in the garden.

Later today a friend from Japan will arrive at my home town and we will have lots of fun together. At the moment she is still up in the sky. Have a safe flight!
I'm going to bed now.

Good night.

P.S.: Lately Korean Drama have kept me awake till late at night. I've enjoyed City Hunter very much and now I'm watching Secret Garden. I just can't go to bed without knowing how the story goes on. Unfortunately I'll look like crap in the morning after watching too long.


  1. I'm planning to watch City Hunter too. Secret Garden was the last k-drama I've seen, silly (as they all are) but I enjoyed it. Good luck applying the job!

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    Well, I'm a total sucker for totally unrealistic love stories (he he...) and Secret Garden really is a jewel. Especially as they actually kiss quite actively - if you know what I mean. Normally if they "kiss", they just stand there doing nothing really.
    City Hunter, too, by the way. But even though the love story is an important part of the story, it never gets too much as the hero bravely battles his emotions to keep the girl out of the dangerous action.
    Both dramas are really great because the female heroines are quite active and not the sweet and harmless girls you normally see in asian dramas.
    Obviously I am more into watching japanese drama, but lately those have been kinda boring.
    I hope you are enjoying your summer. Are you still in Berlin?