End of July

What I did in July:

- got a mini job, worked hard for a week and lost the job again (boss didn't like me...)
- wrote more job applications
- got a phone call from a firm in Japan
- got to second application round with that firm
- may need to travel to Japan for a real interview if I pass second phone interview next week
- had a self presentation workshop on sunday (see picture of bento I made for that day)
- traveled two hours by train to meet up with a friend with whom I've studied 5 years and with whom I spent a wonderful time in Tokyo and with whom I shared a tiny apartment for 2 years. (We hadn't seen each other for 1 1/2 years. See first two pictures above - road pictures out of the train. Yes, it was a rainy day.)
- July was a cold and rainy month in Germany. I worked, read and wrote applications.

What I'll do next:
- write more job applications.
- have job interview via phone connection to Japan! (Got any tips?)
- go home and take care of the dog and the cat as my mom will have surgery next week.
- take care of mom after surgery (I'm a little bit worried. It is nothing major but the people at the hospital want her to stay for at least 10 days!)

Let's see what August has in store!

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