Hamburg recap

Sorry for the long absence! Time has been flying past like the new Shinkansen Hayabusa. my mother is feeling better now and I'll leave my little sleepy home town and go back to Heidelberg tomorrow.
Hamburg was great. I just love that city. Maybe it reminds me a lot of Tokyo? It may well be that the water right in the middle of the city gives the impression, but no, Hamburg has its own charm entirely. The weather wasn't welcoming, but I wasn't there for sightseeing anyway. (Even though I did, obviously.)
The interview on Friday was one of the best job interview I've ever had. The atmosphere was great from the beginning, no stress questions occurred and my Japanese was praised by the Japanese boss - a lovely middle aged Japanese women with style.
But even though we all liked it each other on the spot, I'll still have to wait for them to make a decision as they will also meet other applicants. Wish me luck (again)!
Afterwards I was lucky to enjoy a great afternoon in the city and visited the Urban Outfitters Store (for the very first time - liked it a lot!), Muji (the last time I was in Muji at Narita Airport to buy some useful things for the flight.) and a MAC store (I actually bought a lipgloss, even though I wasn't supposed to spent money.).
I spent the two nights in Hamburg at my sister's place. My little nephew didn't even recognize me anymore and wanted me to leave again! That's the curse when family doesn't live close by anymore.
Well, I really enjoyed the trip and am happy that the interview went so well.

Greetings to you all.


  1. What kind of a job were you applying for? Do a lot of people speak Japanese in Hamburg?

  2. Well, I guess there are actually many people speaking Japanese in Hamburg as it is the largest port of Germany. But the largest Japanese speaking community in Germany is in Düsseldorf.
    The job is a service communication position meaning that I'd be able to use my Japanese on a daily basis. And that would be wonderful!