Weekend off - the cat is in charge

Well, my servant is off with my older servants and the Dog over a long weekend. Leaves me to take care of everything. Great. I'll have some chicks over and we'll go goldfish fishing at the pond! Ah - sweet life it is, folks. What plans do you have for a sunny weekend? Having a picnic seems to be a good choice. Grab some sandwich, preferably with tuna, and sizzle some sausages on a grill right in the middle of a park. Maybe right in the middle of a park with a castle? In Germany there are plenty such places to find. But beware! Due to fire prevention measures BBQ isn't allowed in wild nature in Germany. Nobody really cares, though. A humans - they can be so troublesome. But what would I be without my faithful servants? Wait - who is taking care of my food supplies while they're gone?

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