Über den Wolken... (Above the clouds...- famous German song)

Flying with SAS from Frankfurt to Copenhagen - Kastrup Approach

Flying with SAS from Narita (Tokyo) to Copenhagen - Getting on plane in Narita
Getting off plane in Copenhagen
I love flying. I totally do. Alas, I can't afford it that often. But I won't complain as I was able to fly at least every second year or so since my first flight when I was 11 years old.
How I remember that day! It was a typical 'tourist bomber' headed to Gran Canaria and everyone clapped when we landed safely. I was so thrilled.
The whole process of going to the airport, checking in, getting on board is already super exiting for me to this very day. After settling into my seat I can't wait for the plane to leave its parking position. Then heading out to the runway. Gathering speed. And up we go!
Flying through clouds, seeing the bluest sky one can imagine. The sun. The sun going down. Russia - more precisely Siberia - at night with its UFO-like citys shining through the dark night clouds. The sun reappearing in red shades. The sharp turn over the coast line of Chiba. The bumpy ride over the golf courses of Narita. Final touchdown in Japan.
The Flight back towards Europe is done mostly during twilight. The interesting shapes of Siberian mountain ridges. Frozen rivers winding trough them. Finland and Sweden with its tiny frozen seas, that are glittering in the sun. It's marvelous!

Even after watching every episode of air crash investigation out there, I love flying. Well, sometimes even I get a queasy feeling in my stomach. Especially the approach to Copenhagen/Kastrup airport is quite unnerving to me. The water of the baltic sea is coming nearer and nearer and one can actually see the sea birds opening their beaks and flapping their wings! And exactly at that moment when you think you'll hit water for sure this time, the shore rises out of the water and the runway begins.
Approaching Frankfurt is slightly better, but the A3 (a large highway) is an obstacle to behold, too.
One of the most impressive approaches I had in Chicago in december 2008: The city's skyscraper appeared out of the fog and we flew right over them. I could see people jogging on the beach of Lake Michigan! And then the blinking christmas decorations in the front yards of the suburbs. It was just a sight to behold.

The pictures above are form my last flight to Japan last year in March with SAS. I actually love changing planes, because I can have the fun of take off and touch down twice. Copenhagen airport is my favorite airport out there as it has lots of wood used inside which is kind of relaxing for the stressed traveler.

At the moment I'm thinking about applying for jobs at the airport (Frankfurt) or even directly with an airline. Unfortunately, I'm not fit for duty on an actual plane as I'm not tall enough to reach the compartments. What a shame.

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