End of May Day

Meet Bob - a rather shy fellow (he's a Maikäfer the German word for cockchafer which literally means May's beetle)
My dog (a tibet terrier - you just have to love this gentle and charming breed!) is trying to hide from the heat. 

Burg Eltz at the River Mosel is just a typical German medieval castle ---with a crane. Totally normal. 

After all this heat a little bit of rain isn't bad at all.  Double Rainbows are free of charge. 

So today was the last day of a sunny and rather hot May. Let's make a list and summarize:

- I had a lovely picnic with friends and the friends of said friends in the castle park in the middle of Karlsruhe. The place was swarming with maikäfer/ cockchafer and I absolutely had to get some pictures. In my home area of Germany those beetles are not existing anymore. Or at least when I was a kid there was no beetle to be found. Must have been the pesticides.

- I got to spent a long weekend with my parents at the river Mosel - a famous area for wine in Germany. My parents actually purchased quite a wagon load full and I got to do some test drinking as well. Not that I'm drinking that much alcohol. Ever. But it was quite delicious and it is a wonderful landscape. I actually got to see the castle Eltz, which I've been hoping to see for quite some time now. But sadly, as a German, you actually tend to forget your own country when traveling around.

- Last weekend I spent with wonderful people doing a creative writing workshop with an actual author! She was fabulous and we had quite the blast doing some writing exercises about "showing not telling" or "inner voice". Now I wish I'd joined the creative writing course earlier in my life. But it was always serious - meaning academic - writing for me up till now. (And I actually have been wanting to start a blog for quite some time now. But as we all now, this is time consuming writing as well...)

- Today I had another workshop about "self marketing". You know we Germans love crazy english vocabulary. (But Japanese are worse.) Well, I learned quite a bit and I can announce proudly that I am a yellow person, not a blue one. Thank god. No, really, I think this helped me quite a lot for my job hunt and my self presentation during job interviews.

- And: I actually got a job offer yesterday! It is just a hour based student job - so nothing all too special. It is with a popular shop brand that specializes in fake jewellery and I am a girl that loves everything sparkly. I may actually be liable to special prices once working there...

- But: I've got an inflamed wisdom tooth since friday and it is killing me. It just hurts so bad. I've been to the dentist twice already, but she can't do much. I'm sitting here with an ice pack to the side of my head - that's about as much as I can do. If it is getting worse I may end up taking penicillin, which I really don't wanna do, because my body functions (especially my stomach) totally crash if I swallow such stuff. Normally my body has amazing healing powers, but this tooth is very stubborn, too. I will have it removed as soon as it doesn't hurt anymore...

Aims for next month:
I definitely need to figure some columns out for this blog. Some more. And I need to create a schedule for writing more regularly. I really like writing here and I hope you find some pics and stories to your liking as well.
See you in June!

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