Today's breakfast

When visiting other fabulous bloggers' pages I actually liked posts about food very much. Especially the danish bloggers seem to have the most delicious fresh food all the time! My eating habits are not optimal and I've been struggling for years with weight problems and the right food choice. Even though my mom always promoted healthy food and I was raised in a family that grew its own vegetable and fruit, there were still so many restrictions in food that I ate whatever I liked as soon as I was off to university. (Okay, my weight problem started earlier.) But lately I'm quite proud of the food choices I'm making. Most of times. My usual breakfast is a dairy of sorts like natural yoghurt (normal fat - no reduced as that contains more carbs!) or low-fat quark (a kind of curd cheese) with fruit or cereals. Today I put strawberries in my yoghurt.
I've been yearning for Japanese sandwiches, though, and tried to make them myself. (I own some bento books and other japanese cooking books.) I swapped the sandwich toast for whole-wheat-toast, though, because I couldn't buy white bread. Unfortunately, the tuna and egg-cream is made with mayonnaise in Japan, which I swapped for salad cream (it is a little bit fat reduced).
It was a yummy breakfast!

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