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Rape flowers in a popular park in the middle of downtown Tokyo (Hama rikyu koen)
When I came to Japan in 2005, I was enrolled at Waseda University for one year and enjoyed my Japanese classes very much. Soon after I arrived, I bought my first digital camera - a Pentax Optio S50 - and took pictures where ever I went. I took 6000 pictures that year. In 2007 a Japanese friend visited me in my tiny Home Town and used a Panasonic Lumix camera. I instantly wanted one and am still very happy with my now 4 year old Lumix FX3. As you can see taking photographs and trying to get the perfect shot (or "just" an interesting shot) has become one of my favorite past times when wandering around town, but I never really owned a "good" camera.
This year I wanted to hold back every penny I could spare and buy one of those handy system cameras like the Panasonic LX or the Sony Nex. You see, I really want a camera that can take high quality pics, but isn't as heavy as the usual single lense reflex camera. Mostly I liked my small one because I could take it with me at all times, get it out and shoot.
Anyway, now that my funding has been stopped I have to use my saved money for luxuries like food and housing. So - no new camera this year.
In the meantime enjoy the pictures I've taken over the years. This one was taken in March 2010 on my last trip to Tokyo (I was doing research for the thesis.).

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