No Snowy Christmas - and happy new year!

Moonlit night

 I hope you all had a merry Christmas with your loved ones and a good beginning of 2013.

Thank you for dropping by now and then. This year we'll have more pictures of nice places on this blog and I sincerely hope to post some more tutorials. Also, the japanese magazine More seems to be of some interest and I'll post more of that, too.

 Snowy Christmas wasn't to be - every little snowflake had gone before Christmas eve (which is the day we Germans open our presents - at night.) My family did, what we always do: make potato salad, make last preparations, fetch Grandma from her town some 15 minutes away, go to church in the evening, eat sausages and potato salad in the evening (very traditional for many German families!), unwrap presents (got a book about knitting, a huge amount of money, underwear, japanese sweets, a japanese knitting book, japanese dorama dvds - the last things from very good friends.)

 So - what's christmas like in your country? You're very welcome to leave a comment about that.

 Foxy Greetings.

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