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Chantillysongs Blog hop

Have a nice and cozy sunday! While I planned to snuggle up in my bed with a good book on my kindle, I stumbled upon the Totally Awesome Blog Hop hosted by the four fabulous ladies Chantilly, Shell aka Kitty, Fritha Strickland and Jenny.

So I decided to participate and welcome all of you who jump by via the Blog Hop.

My little blog exists for almost two years now. Born out of misery over my failed PhD in Japanese Science I wrote about all that came to my mind. Mainly, I share pictures from the places I've visited and love. I also have posted some DIYs like Origami coasters and a Bascetta star (also strongly Origami related). I started knitting and crocheting two years ago and hope to show more of that in a short while.

Currently I'm attending the e-course hosted by Stef of magnoliaelectric to create an even better arcticfoxkitsune blog for you. More DIY in the future! Other than that, I hope to give insights into a life without much ado - be happy with what you've got and make even more out of it.

So stay tuned and comment! I'm always loving to hear from people from all around the globe.

Foxy Greetings!

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  1. Hi Chisa, thanks so much for posting about the blog hop! I hope you're having fun meeting lots of new bloggers and thank you for following along on my blog too :)