MORE october 2012 part two

Shoes! Who wouldn't be happy looking at a lot of shoes?! One problem of reading (or even of just looking at a) Japanese fashion magazine is obviously that one isn't able to buy most stuff. Would be too expensive anyway.

I'm more a bag girl anyway. But - alas - the same problem! Most bags are not available in Germany. Can you see the little pictures of how the bags look inside and how much space there is?! Why can't German magazines do that?!

How to make good combinations...

...and how the street style looks like theses days. (This article wants to show how to wear items from last autumn this year.)

And there is also a very nice cosmetics section in the MORE. Before I went to Japan for one year I was a typical German girl, who didn't even bother with make up. After Japan (and some very stylish Chinese and Korean girlfriends) that changed and thanks to Japanese magazines like MORE I actually learned how to do it.

And that's because they give you very detailed tutorials on how to make up your face. But I'm not using liquid make up (only very rarely)...

I'm using MAC studio fix powder foundation. Seems like MAC has a new powder foundation out in Japan (it's an Asian-only-edition) with SPF and whitening function. Yes, Asians don't want to get tan, they want to stay pale and get even whiter if possible. I'm really interested in this (I need SPF.), but it is very expensive.

And this is a tutorial on how to make your eyes look bigger. You can see the newest palettes on the market on the right side: yellow brown; pink brown (whatever this is...) and grey brown. The technique is really easy - basically what they teach for Asian-styled eyes everywhere. I use this technique, too, as I have drooping eye lids.

Than there's a section about popular culture: Japanese stars, new movies, new music, new books. Diets and sports, wellness and lifestyle. This is about a (popular?) stylist: What's in her bag (right side - I always love that); favorite places to eat our, what she eats in one day; her hobby (taking pictures - also about the camera she currently uses) and about her work.

Well, I can read Japanese and enjoy this magazine very much. But even my mother - who is a tailor by the way and very interested in fashion - enjoys looking at this magazine over and over again.

I hope you liked this little look at a Japanese fashion magazine. I'll post about the november issue of MORE very soon.

Foxy greetings.

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