MORE Magazine November 2012

It's time to have a look at the november issue of MORE magazine - the japanese magazine for women in their 20's. By the way, the november issue comes out in late september, not october. At the end of october the december issue comes out, at the end of november the issue for january. (Somehow the picture refused to be turned in any direction. Very odd. Pictures were taken with the Lumix Superzoom, borrowed from my mum.)

I totally adore Japanese fashion. Alas - I couldn't wear most of it. And remember - this is the november issue, when it's also getting colder in Japan. But Japan has a Pacific coast and milder climate. We're in Germany would freeze to death possibly, wearing skirts and mini pants like that.

Battle: Skirt team vs. Pants team! Which team are you? I'm member of Pants team. Would like to wear more skirts...but I'm not brave enough... ;)

How to wear the right jacket for the right body height. Really good idea. Can't remember if a German magazine ever did that.

Outfit coordination lesson! I like the bags...

Cute layout!

Cute hairstyles! Need to try the one with the ribbon.

Oh Good, lipsticks are my drugs! Take this page away...(I just got a MAC lipstick for free as I returned 6 empty MAC cosmetic packages to the MAC counter. It's called "Back to MAC" and is a really great marketing strategy.)

Obviously this season smudged eye lines are en vogue in Japan.

What do you think of Japanese fashion magazines? I bought three other magazines during my visit in Japan - especially two for women in their 30s (as I'll be turning 30 next year). We'll have a look on them soon.

Enjoy Halloween!
Foxy Greetings.


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    1. Yeah, Japanese fashion and Japanese women are quite cute. :)

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