Settling in in Bavaria

In time with my 29th birthday my qualifying period at work ended without me being laid off or anything. I even got a bonus!

I feel more comfy here in Bavaria and actually quite adore the Bavarians for their easygoing nature and ability to chill. Preferably with a fresh and cool beer and a pretzel (or breze as the Bavarians call it)  in a Biergarten.

Other good news: I'll be going to Japan in October for a week with clients. And maybe in november, too. We'll see.

A very good friend of mine is currently finishing her masters degree and just got the news that she'll be able to do an internship at a Japanese firm starting in September. I'm very happy for her and wish her all the best in Japan. I'm going to visit you next year in spring!! Totally.

Foxy Greetings.

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