Munich Residence

Today I just want to show you some pictures I took earlier this year, when I had a Japanese Guest to guide through Munich. It was a day in April and the hottest day this year so far. The Residence really is a must see for every tourist in Munich and it sure is breath taking.

Bavarian kings always had money and one can see real marble in all its splendor everywhere. (Thuringian dukes on the other hand never had so much and Thuringian castles are full of walls painted to look like marble.) Sadly, the Munich Residence was largely destroyed during WWII bomb raids and most ceilings had carved in so that the marvelous paintings and stucco were lost. In some cases forever.

In some cases the ceilings are still marvelous to look at. I just love this blue and gold stucco.

Everywhere you look is glittery gold, fabulous stucco and nice colors.

I especially liked this part of the castle where all forefathers and former kings and queens, dukes and duchesses are pictured.

And don't miss the treasure chamber! It is full of crowns, religious treasury and other pieces of jewellery.

And - are you planning your visit to Munich already? Well, there is much more to see. So stay tuned.

Foxy Greetings.

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