Creativity and meaning

Like a bumblebee searching for nectar every single day, creativity is a very essential part of my life.
I need dreaming and fantasizing about all kinds of stuff. Not thinking - not even a second - is not an option. (Let me tell - that brought me in quite some trouble while doing yoga with a guru. He insisted on not thinking during mediation. Well - I strolled around deserted shrines in Japan during those sessions which was very pleasant but not wanted as it turned out.)

I got myself a new Schmincke watercolor set for Birthday. I've wanted one for a long time now, but the costs were too much for a student. So I started to experiment with color again and try to do the EDM challenges. But, it's not that easy to find back into the creative flow of painting. My first challenge (my shoe) turned out to look "dead" because I overdid the coloring. Watercolor needs to look vibrant and lively. Well, off to training, then.

Sadly - the other day - I was asked by a colleague why I did all this creative stuff anyway. As many of you might have experienced yourself painting, photographing, knitting, crocheting, blogging, writing are all things that are not really considered work or even something meaningful to pursue.

I really hate the question "Why do you do that?" "What meaning does it have?"

I just do it. I just want to do it. Even if nothing meaningful comes out of it.

So let no one make you feel unsure about what you're doing. Dream on and create.

Foxy greetings!

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