Two hours

When I was unemployed, two hours could mean anything. But mostly they meant nothing to me and went about their business without bothering me. Two hours in which I slept, decided to go out to buy something bad to eat, read some blogs, maybe wrote a job application if I felt like it, wrote in this blog or tried to write a novel. Or I just watched a whole batch of Japanese or Korean Drama.
Believe me when I say I was so sick of it!
Yes, one can get sick of having too much spare time at your hands.

Now, the opposite is quite true: Two hours free time are very, very precious.
While I'm being trained more and more in doing my job (which is actually quite simple in some ways and complicated in others), I get to do more and more stuff at work. I haven't managed to do some major errors yet, but the day will surely come. Even though I can already predict that one day I'll find that job rather boring, I'm very happy at the moment as my colleagues are nice and my bosses are splendid. The atmosphere at my working place is very down to earth and most people are smiling. If there is - by chance - nothing to smile about they'll go on to joke about it.

Anyway, the previous workdays have gone by so quickly. I can't really believe it. Soon, I'll get my first wage! Woohooo!

Two hours now have a completely different meaning to me.

This is my second blog year. Hope you are in for the ride.


P.S. I tried to take a picture of the alps. I try to catch a glimpse of them every morning at dawn and every evening in the twilight, when I'm taking the bus to and from work. It's really a breathtaking sight and the alps are very near. Actually, many of my colleagues are going skiing or snowboarding on the weekends. I might need to learn skiing after all....(again)....

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