Fluffy Surprise!

May I present our newest addition to the family?
He's white and a little bit of black and brown, his nose is very black, he's super-cute, he's super active and wants to play all the time and I can't stop cuddling him all the time!
He wakes me by running is wet tongue down my face and almost biting off my nose. Or my toe.

Our "old" dog San duh doesn't yet know what to make of this little tornado. We try to do the right thing - my parents are back to dog school!

By the way, Bo dhi is also a tibet terrier and nine months old.

Just love him!

Foxy Greetings!

P.S. Our cat seems to like him, too.


  1. Ja, total. Auf mein Kommando "Babybauch kraulen!" hört er sogar schon. XD
    Werde ihn vermissen, wenn ich morgen wieder nach Bayern fahre. Aber ich vermisse alle meine Tiere nach kurzer Zeit.