While traveling with trains...

  by Chisa2010
, a photo by Chisa2010 on Flickr.

...I love to just stare out the window. (Even when I'm determined to work.) You guessed my fondness for traveling by now, of course. And even though I absolutely love flying, taking the train might be the better option (if possible anyway). You actually SEE the country up close when going by train. (I loved riding trains in Japan! Not just because they are über punctual.)
I actually love to watch the German countryside slide past. I took this picture out of the ICE today. It might look boring to you, but I actually like the green shrubbery quite a lot.

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  1. ich fahre auch liebend gerne zug! das ist so entspannend und man kann auf der fahrt an kleinen handarbeitsprojekten arbeiten oder schöne dinge im skizzenbuch festhalten... (: das tutorial kommt wahrscheinlich nächste woche, danke für deinen kommentar!