Traditional road trips

More Instagram pics - today send to you from Erfurt, right in the middle of Germany. It is kind of tradition to drive with my mom (in her new convertible) to Erfurt or Weimar, when I'm back home. As I mentioned before this area belonged to the GDR once. And many (Western) Germans still believe we live in Wild West here. (Meaning there is nothing but wasteland and old rotting buildings and nothing to buy and nothing nice to see). Well --- wrong! Oh, so wrong. (Except the occasional rotting building here and there - see pic above...) The last twenty years were spent with lots of rebuilding, reconstruction and renewal. Yes, the GDR was a grey, grey and depressing country when looking at the cityscape. And there was nothing much to buy. (Which was a constant source for jokes: "Don't you have no bananas today?" "We haven't got any tomatoes here. No bananas are sold next store!" Hahahaha!! Love it.)
My childhood has been a happy one. Even though even my family had to deal with repression at one point and another. (I'll have to tell you a sad story soon, when doing another post on my childhood pictures.) And I remember very clearly that I dreamt of many toys I would never get. But we were inventive and built our own stuff from the materials we could get. And I spent so much time in nature. And I remember that as a great time.
But still, I'm very happy about being able to buy nice things nowadays. (I'm a girl after all.) And about being able to choose my own future. Not the future an oppressive system wanted me to have. Thank God.


P.S. I showed those Instagram pictures to my mom and she said: "Why would anyone destroy perfectly good pictures to have them look like pictures taken by old cameras??" Good question. But - hello? - it's so much fun.

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