Deep in the forest...


I kind of fell off the face of the earth. The wheel of future is once again spinning...but it looks like I'll keep my current job a while longer.

While these are wonderful news for my financial situation, I was kept busy learning lots of new stuff as I had to change departments to raise my chances of staying.

My creative side, unfortunately, suffered a lot lately. I had to cancel my summer vacation because of all that turmoil at work. (I was going to the baltic seaside again. Alas, it didn't happen.) Now my vacation will be in September (in one month's time) and I'll go back to Amsterdam! Yeah. It was so great and I liked it so much.

Meanwhile, as Flickr gave everyone the great gift of 1TB space (tons of pics to upload!), I'll intend to post more pictures in regular intervals. So please keep dropping by to see a little bit of the world with my eyes.

 Foxy Greetings!

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