Happy belated Amsterdam!

Well, there came an went April in a hurry and tomorrow there'll be June. May was a very sad affair in Germany - cold and wet. These days you could say "wet, wetter, Germany!" and I start to yearn for other parts of the world.

So let's revisit Amsterdam! I went there on a long weekend in March and fell in love with this city on first sight. It is exactly what I envision a city to be: Tiny houses, lots of water right in the middle of the city (hello there Venice of the North!), all kinds of architecture (Art Nouveaux!), modern-these-are-the-places-to-be, museums everywhere (sadly, Rijksmuseum was still closed) and nice people all around.

It's only a little jump from Munich. I flew KLM (not the plane pictured)and can recommend their service anytime. I didn't even pay much.
The little house was integrated in this hotel. And right after leaving Amsterdam Central Station you are greeted with this view. DSC00954
Unfortunately weather was really, really cold on those last days in march. Everyone was packed and my fingers felt like ice after holding my camera too long. DSC00969
Old rooms can be found anywhere: This one is in Oude Kerk (Old church) and was a room where weddings were made official: By signing a contract the city provided - not the church! One of the first regions in the world to do so. DSC00999
I actually got lucky on my second day and the sun showed its face. It was still way too cold, though. By the way, I used the I Amsterdam Card for three days: A lot of museums for free, shops and restaurants (like wagamama) give 10 to 20 percent off and free public transport! I recommend buying before leaving for the trip via the Internet as it can be cheaper that way. On my second day I visited 7 museums!
An old chamber in a house with a church on the attic. DSC01030
Old glazed tiles in the same house. DSC01056
Another era.
A house full of cheese. DSC01087
Oranje soccer fans in front of the Central Station. DSC01103
Amsterdamers and their morning sports. DSC01112
At Rembrandt's.
Another typical sight in Amsterdam. DSC01163
Normally this would have been the prime of tulip blossoming, but it was too cold for those beautys as well.
The growth of Amsterdam as depicted at Willet Hoythuisen Grachtenhuis museum. DSC01179
There was a very interesting display of life in the city over the centuries. DSC01187
Another very typicall view throughout the city. The I Amsterdam Card also provides on free ride, which I did and can absolutely recommend! (Especially when the weather is so cold.) DSC01206
At the houseboat musem you can get an impression how it would be to live on one. Actually nothing I'd like to do. (Reminds me to much of the earthquakes I experienced in Japan.) DSC01225
Starbucks inside the Central Station. Nice atmosphere. DSC01238
Who's watching?
I guess everyone takes this picture. DSC01257
I love this 19th century architecture.
Interesting store concept. DSC01260
A lot of Art Nouveaux throughout the city.

Well, as I am currently living through a lot of changes at work (two new fields to learn stuff for!) and my main holiday in June was cancelled because of that (boo!) I need to reschedule my vacation to September and I'm actually thinking of going to Amsterdam for some more exploring. Three days weren't nearly enough time.

Meanwhile I hope to write more often again, especially as I visited Vienna at the end of April. Also a very impressive city with lots to see and take pictures of.

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Foxy Greetings!

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