Foxy March to you!

Thank God it's march.


That's what I've been doing: Origami at work thanks to this absolutely clever idea. Origami Post its. Love it!

February was a hard month: dark, not much fun and a very devastating message*. In these times it can be kind of hard to find the lucky moments that make every day special.

I hope that march will finally bring spring and light. And happiness to us all.

Foxy Greetings.

 *Don't be alarmed. Everyone of my family (me included) is healthy which is the most precious thing. It's just a financial crisis that opened up once again and I'll need to hold my money together. Again. Just when I thought I could finally travel a bit more and search for a real appartement. Well, I booked Amsterdam and Vienna and will definitely go there. Other than that, nothing happened.


  1. Hey, I just found your blog when I was looking for castles to visit here in Germany. I hope things turn out better for you, financially.

    I'll keep checking your blog. I love seeing your travel photos, and also your crafts!

    1. Hi Cami,

      thank you so much for commenting. I just managed to answer because the last two weeks were just gone in a blurr. First, my colleague was on vacation and I had much more to do everyday and then I myself was on a short trip to Amsterdam and just came back. I'll write about it soon!

      You are interested in castles? Let me search some pics of mine and make a post. Hope you'll see some splendid castles soon. ;)

      Foxy Greetings,