Five pictures friday

Today is about what I love this week. Well, this week started with me being sick at home (which wasn’t a good start at all), but luckily I had the best cuddle-you-back-to-health comando on my side.


My Bo-dhi is the best heating blanket. And his stare is.... bo-dhi-licious.


The cat (currently called „Das Katertier“) is watching all this cuteness rather skeptically.


I’ve wanted one of Pole Star’s jewels for so long now. Mostly I added her necklaces with natural semi-precious stones to my favorites on Etsy and soon enough they’d been sold and I was sorry to have missed the opportunity. Not this time! On Monday I finally got my necklace: a quartz stone with inclusions (turbulence quartz) – so pretty and such a big stone, too.


Meanwhile everyone is waiting for spring. (Psst, we down here in Southern Bavaria still have tons of snow. ) And my mom bought lots of tulips for me – thanks mom!


I just love my huge Bree bag (solely for business and traveling) and all the stuff that fits inside. For traveling back to Bavaria on Monday I packed: Carmex lipbalm, Mary Quant lipstick in Tokyo Toffee (a natural red)(only available in Japan), MAC Studio Careblend Powder, handwarmers (bought), self-crocheted beret, newly crocheted handwarmers (to finish of loose ends during train passage), iPod touch, kindle, Moleskine Weekly planer; more crochet hooks, medicine (in pink self-sewn pouch – by hand!), new crochet project in blue bag, my Japanese crochet hooks and – very important when being sick – Japanese heating pads (will stay warm for 8 hours).

So, weekend is upon us! I'll knit and crochet away (after doing some much needed cleaning in the apartment.). What are your plans? 
Thank you for visiting and have a great one! 

Foxy Greetings.  


  1. Get better soon! Your pets are sooo cute.

    1. Hallo Kerstin,

      danke, dass du vorbei geschaut hast! Ja, meine Tiere sind schon sehr knuffig und ich vermisse sie sehr, da sie ja in der Heimat leben.

      Ich schaue auch mal bei dir vorbei,

      Foxy Greetings.

  2. Hui süße Fotos!! Ich bin auch wieder dabei :)
    Ich bin auch mal die Wohnung durchputzen....schönes Wochenende!

    1. Hallo liebe Lou,

      ich war gerade auch bei dir und habs mir angeschaut (sehr schöne Häkelmütze)! Ich glaube ich habe einen leeren Kommentar bei dir hinterlassen?! Mein Internet spinnt mal wieder. *seufz*
      Wünsche dir auch ein entspanntes WE.

      Foxy Greetings!

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