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Another weekend comes to a close and I'm washing my clothes for the weeks to come. Yes, weeks as in next week I'll be on vacation. Actually starting from this week thursday I'll be on my way.
After almost half a year of full-time work I'm really looking forward to one long and totally earned week of time off at the seaside.

Last week, work has been absolutely unbelievable. All colleagues left one after another for vacation themselves and finally I ended up totally alone with my bosses. Very interesting experience.

On Saturday I ventured out into the unknown again. To see places and streets of munich I hadn't seen yet. Pictures will follow.
It seems to become tradition for me to go to the movie theater after a long walk in the city. (As you know I don't actually live in Munich. Sadly, I live one hour outside the city in the countryside. Which is nice, too. ) So this time I watched Snow White and the Huntsman. It was an okay movie, but reminded me a lot of another Snow White movie from a long, long time ago. (Snow White - A Tale of Terror.)
Last week I watched MIB III, which really was a blast (from the past?!).

Sadly, I'm doing all this alone. I never had problems meeting people at new places before, but obviously working full-time isn't helping a lot.

But well, it will happen. Sometime. So long I'm quite happy with myself and my adventures.


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