A Night to remember...

...the lost souls of the Titanic, which sank exactly 100 years ago.

In 1997 a certain movie brought back the tragic story of this sinking. And I went three times to watch this movie in the movie theater. (It was the first movie I watched that many times in a cinema, which is remarkable as I was a teenager with very restricted pocket money (30 DM per month - makes 15 Euro per month in todays standards), and the next movie theater was 30 km away, so I needed someone to bring me and fetch me.) I read a lot about Titanic. I especially loved the story how Robert Ballard searched for years for the Titanic and finally found it. Possibly during the last chance he had.
The movie books and soundtrack CD - I got them for my birthday and confirmation that year.

I knew the movie story by heart. And still do, I guess. But somehow, sometime it was enough. The story grew too tiresome, the love story too much.

So... I never bought the DVD. I didn't watch it when TV stations started to bring it. I possibly didn't watch the movie for 12 years.

Last year, when the 100 years sinking remembrance began, I watched a rerun and could rethink my opinion.
So I have to say...
...the introduction with the actual footage from the wreck and the story about the old lady and her memories was a very good decision for the movie storyline. I still like that a lot.
...the facts are very well researched. Walter Lord, who wrote "A Night to remember" (a book first published during the 1950s), served as consultant and did a good job.
...the effects and sets are nicely done and are even nowadays up to date.
...the sinking and especially the "voice" of the dying ship are total goose bump material.
...Kate Winslet is fabulous!
...the love story is actually way too much and unbelievable. I don't like that anymore.

I'm still not sure if I'd like to pay as much as 12 Euros to see it in 3D. Would it be worth it?

May the souls of the dead of Titanic rest in peace.

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