Bavarian Spirit

As a Thuringian in Bavaria I'm really astonished about the easy-going Bavarians. Celebrating sure is something one ought to do in a large crowd. Thuringians tend to stick together in smaller groups. But the Bavarians (or at least the people in Munich) tend to be really outgoing and happy to meet new people.
I had a Japanese visitor on Saturday and we went to the Residence, the German Museum and a notorious Biergarten. (Not depicted in the picture above. That was a notorious festival tent at the spring fair.) I'm not a beer drinker. Quite frankly, I belong to the Germans who just don't seem to be able to enjoy the most famous drink of Germany. But - alas - the beer there was really delicious. And after saying Prost! to some Bavarians next to our table, my Japanese visitor was happy, too.

I hope the weather stays good.

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