To the guy who thinks he is so funny,

You are totally getting on my nerves. You're the sort of guy who will make fun of other people and what they're doing, what they've learnt and expect them to find it funny, too. (That includes me.)
Then, when we don't oblige, you will tell us that we're not tolerant, not funny and way too serious.

Well, I'm really sorry. But for border-crossing of your kind I'm too precious to myself. I've spent way too many years enduring guys like you just to be accepted. And the sad truth: I never was!

So, I've decided some years ago to be the way I am. If I don't wanna laugh - I'm not laughing.

And I don't live to please men like you.

I just live to please me and to feel good with myself. If I can do that, I'll be able to be happy and funny with my friends and loved ones. And that is what counts. Not what you think I should or shouldn't do.

Thought you oughta know.

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