What I'm living for...

Everyone everywhere around the world knows the feeling. The nagging sensation of restlessness that circles around you like a hungry dragon (sorry for this very bad metaphor...) and screams at you
"Why are you doing this?? What purpose does your life have?"

I felt quite good as an academic but couldn't cope too well with all the time management I had to do myself. So I ended up writing most of my graduation thesis and the little I wrote for my PhD late at night. Now I have to be at work till 8 am and may leave at 4 pm (but lately I end up staying till 5 or even 6 pm). I confess that I wasn't sure if I even wanted something like this. Working in a bureau. Doing paperwork. Writing mostly things I don't need to write (only copy).

I might not want to do this forever. But I like that I'm doing things that are needed. That my boss says "Thank you" and "Well done" when my work is okay. That my colleagues are nice and helpful.

And that I see things I haven't seen before.

Because I realized today:

I'm living to see things I've never seen before.

That's it. And it is enough.

Greetings to you!

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