Blog Anniversary Post: Why I chose the Arctic Fox

I started this blog exactly one year ago.
I had been thinking of starting a blog for a long, long, even longer time before.
But I always found excuses for not writing, like:
    - Blogging? Oh come on - everyone is doing that.
    - Blogging? I've got no content.
    - Blogging? I can't choose my language! (German - only Germans would read that. And even though
                        I'm German I get the feeling that my fellow Germans don't get me. Most of them
                        Yes. It is a little bit sad. Don't really know where it comes from. )
   - Blogging? I won't be able to keep it up.
   - Blogging? No one is even going to read it.

But then, last year, when I was desperate and yearning for something meaningful to do, I started this little space of mine.

I called it "Arctic Fox Kitakitsune" because I once had read a story of a white fox in Hokkaido. Yes, it was a story in Japanese and it was one of the first things I've ever read in Japanese. (A japanese friend with whom I practiced had brought it with her and we talked about it.)
Sadly, I don't really recall the story. But I loved the sound of the word kitakitsune and I remember us discussing if the Hokkaido "north fox" (literal translation) actually is an arctic fox. I'm still not sure.
A second inspiration lies in my childhood. As most people born in the GDR I was totally into stories about the Wild West and Native Americans (yes, we called them Indians. I'm very sorry folks, but political correctness wasn't born in the GDR. For sure.). And don't ask me how a folk that couldn't travel to the actual Wild West even had the idea to make up stories, films, novels, and other stuff.
I was a little girl and desperately wanted to become a Native American sqaw. Yeah - I know. Totally realistic plan for the future.
So one day - my friend and I went out to find our totem. (You know - the natural spirit that protects you. Well, it turned out, mine was a fox. Don't ask me how I found out. I just knew.) (And NO, no harmful drugs were used to get this information as we were about 6 or 7 years then.)

This is why I choose the white little fox. I planned on making him more prominent in the blog, but didn't manage.

Looking back at my first year it becomes apparent that I really didn't know where to go and what and how much to show to you guys. I tried to do some cat content every now and then - but actually my cat is quite boring and I don't get many new pictures from him. (But he's so cute...)

My picture archive from Japan was quite popular with the folk out there, so I'll keep that coming in the near future. But as I try to get readers from all around the world, Germany also can be an exotic spot, so I will try to catch pics from the life in Munich and the Bavarian countryside for you.

Happy news for you picture lovers: I'll be sure to invest in a new camera as soon as I manage to save some money.

My DIY-posts were the most popular by far. (I actually took another quick and easy DIY on Christmas Eve but never managed to post it. Will do so in the near future!) So I'll keep them coming. Hopefully. (I don't want to copy DIY. I want to do my own out of respect for all the great creative bloggers out there. But it really takes some time to come up with something new.)

So. let's start the second year! Welcome in my foxy world.


  1. Sehr interessant zu lesen woher der Blogname kommt. Dass tatsächlich keine Drogen im Spiel waren glaub ich jetzt einfach mal, naiv wie ich bin:-D.
    Ich mag deinen Blog sehr, auch wenn ich oft nicht dazu komme ihn regelmäßig zu verfolgen.
    Eine neue Kamera finde ich eine gute Idee. Meine ist leider aktuell in Reparatur :(

  2. Auf jeden Fall Danke vielmals für Lesen, Lewelya! :)