The Ghost of Japan

It's Halloween Night and I have nothing better to do than torturing you with my English. (It's no good at night, let me tell you.) During my spontaneous Japan trip this year I didn't take as many pictures as I used to. May it be that Japan is no longer an alien place to me - it feels like an old friend who welcomes me back with open arms - or may it be that I was occupied with other important stuff this time. Furthermore, my camera's age is 5 now and it's not even a good one, too. (If I'll ever find a job, I'll totally spent my first salary on a good but compact camera.)

Japanese school girls enjoying after school shopping at the Takeshita doori in Harajuku. Yes, THE Harajuku - a place I dearly love. (Sorry, it is cliché for a foreigner to like this place. But I still like it...)

The Yamanote line train bound for Shinagawa/ Tokyo stopping at Harajuku train station.

My Quest: As soon as I'll have my feet on Japanese soil I need to find Fanta grape. I'm fairly sure it is outlawed in Germany as there is absolutely no juice of actual grapes inside (as says the printing on the bottle) and the color is very illegal, too. But hell, do I love this stuff.

Downtown Tokyo (called Marunouchi) near Tokyo Main station. The castle of the Tenno is in this area, too.

Shinjuku, near Takashimaya Times Square and the big Kinokuniya bookstore. Shinjuku station is around here, too.

Dusk in Shinjuku.

Little cutiepies.

Totally adorable milk bottle.

People working.

The "Monster" on the day of departure in Narita.

This outside camera perspective was totally worth the money. And the earth sure is round. (Somewhere above Siberia.)

Just looking at these pics makes me wanna go back to Japan ASAP. Well, the time will come.

Meanwhile, Good Night and sweet dreams from Germany.

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