The doors

On Monday was the last day of a special training I had to attend to. To make matters worse, I ran a fever on Friday and spent all weekend in bed, so I really didn't feel that great. But actually as we spent the whole day in front of the computer surfing the www, it wasn't that bad. I even found one of the best sites ever! Woohoo! (The Internet was invented just for me - the little girl inside me has never shut up asking its questions day after day. And the Internet provides (almost) all answers! For every other question that might arise try 42 as answer.)
The picture above is from a newly opened Chinese garden in Thuringia. Very authentic work - the Chinese ambassador to Germany attended the opening ceremony.

Books are the doors to all kind of worlds: Fantastic, Exotic, Alien! I was the happiest girl out there, when I was finally old enough to learn to read and write and was allowed to get a library pass for our little town library (It is really small.) I remember reading a lot of Enid Blyton (mainly the St. Claire's series which is called "Hanni und Nanni" in Germany). To my horror I don't remember much of those first reading years, they were spent with the usual girly novels (mostly about boarding school and horseback riding). I guess, this is just as well. My love to Erich Kästner didn't awake before my late teens and Astrid Lindgren I just recently started to read (even though I saw the television adaptions of most of her works in my younger years).
Interestingly, when I went back to my little library last year to donate some of my old science books the librarian remembered me vividly. (Even before I started to read I would love to look trough all books about nature and geography I could  explain a volcano to Grandfather Walter. Subsequently, I got a lot of science books for my birthday throughout my childhood days.) She told me somewhat sheepishly that some books were only ever lend to me as no one else ever showed interest in them. In those times, I believed that every book was worth my attention. Sadly, I was wrong.

The Doors open to light and shadow in front of you. You might never know what lies behind it if you never dare to enter. But on the other hand - which doors are out there exactly? As I was asked today what I really plan to do with my future I answered that there are many possibilities, but couldn't actually think about much. Well, I have a plan B, a plan C and even a D. But what about plan A?

Yes, there certainly are doors that will never open up for me.

But sometimes we look for great and polished doors like these...

...when we should rather search for little, inconspicuous doors like this one. Maybe there is something worthwhile behind it?


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