Fall in HD

It was a wonderful day here in HD - a splendid fall day! And as I'm stuck with Germany (boooring!) for the time being, I should enjoy it as long as it lasts. It is and has been my motto for years: Find the extraordinary in the ordinary. And thinking from a Japanese perspective I'm actually living the dream of many Japanese - to be right in the middle of a romantic German town.

Actually buildings in HD aren't really that old. Compared to my other beloved Alma Mater town of Marburg. But I like buildings from the Gründerzeit, which can be found here and there all over the town. The facades are richly decorated and the sunlight paints nice shades.

A typical back street in HD.

Normally, I don't venture into town on Saturdays. It's just too packed with tourists. Many of which are Asian (or American). This group consisted of South Koreans. At least that's my guess because they've got a nun and my Japanese radar didn't go off. (Yes, that's how twisted I am.)

HD's most famous bakery. Always packed with people and rather pricey. The "castle balls" are the most famous treat they sell. So if you ever visit HD - you know where to go.

This couple was just too cute. Sorry, cute couple for taking your picture. If anyone recognizes him/herself in these pics I've taken - please contact me if you want the picture removed. Well, you can see how packed it is. Not cozy at all.

Well, that was my little stroll trough HD. Hoped you liked it and you'll come here in person some day.


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