Evolution of September

Again, let me apologize for neglecting this little space of mine in september (only 3 posts!). As you know I was kind of busy. September started innocent enough: With a view over my current home town Heidelberg with its famous bridge and castle. It sure is a lovely town and I will be sad once I'll leave for good.

Well, then I finally went on vacation after two years without any fresh air and sand under my feet. While the German summer had been rather wet, rainy and cold, my family was lucky and we could spent some nice sunny days at the seaside on Germany's second largest island Usedom. As the beach is the longest in Germany (over 50 km) one can walk on and on and feel the baltic sea water splashing against one's feet. I really love that and feel very relaxed afterwards.

At Usedoms northern peak there is a museum I've wanted to visit for quite a long time. As my parents aren't very interested in such things, I went on our last day of vacation alone. It is the Historical Technical Museum, that shows the history of rockets and space travel. Sadly, this history includes Nazis and V1 and V2 rockets, that were meant to destroy English cities during WWII. The museum really surprised me with its wide range of artifacts and its effort on showing the whole story. The question they ask about the ethics of science is sadly still very up to date. I really liked the design of the different rooms, like the one above, where there are files stacked up to the ceiling and the red letters depict "Top Secret"(*better translation: Secret command) in old German script. As you can see, the museum was quite packed with people from all around the world. English and Polish speaking people were all around me. For people, who don't know: The rocket specialists, who had worked here, were shipped off to different countries after the defeat of Nazi Germany. Most of them to the USA, where they helped developing the first rockets to carry people to space and to the moon.

The sunrise above Russia viewed from an A380 on my way to Japan. September reached its peak with my unexpected travel to Japan, about which I'll tell you next time. More pictures to come!


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