BIG News (in every way)

Sorry for my long absence! First of all, I enjoyed some vacation time with my family (even my half sister and her family dropped by) on the beach. And I had a second telephone interview with a German firm in Japan. After which I was invited to fly to Japan to meet up in person!! After trying to get a cheap ticket (even though the firm will pay the fare) and realizing that SAS isn't offering cheap tickets to Japan these days, I ended up getting a ticket for a Lufthansa A 380! Unbelievable - and there I was thinking I wouldn't be able to sit in that gigantic plane for some years to come. And unbelievable still that I will be able to see Japan after just having been there last year in March. I'm totally thrilled and end up screaming every other minute or so. My flight is on Tuesday, I'll land on Wednesday in Narita and will have the third interview right after that. I'm super excited as I'd really love to work and live in Japan. I might end up entering on the job training right away. If not, I'll enjoy my time in Japan till October 6th. Wish me luck!


  1. ich wünsch dir viel Erfolg und einen guten Flug:-)

  2. Wow. Ich werde dir aber sowas von die Daumen drücken! Eine schöne Zeit in Japan wünsche ich dir.

  3. Hallo Chisa, ich hab dir einen Award verliehen. Mehr in meinem Blog. :)