First DIY-Tutorial: Totally easy Origami Coasters!

Well, hello there! I've finally managed to put my very first tutorial together. As lover of all things Japan-related, I've always enjoyed Origami (Japanese for paper folding) very much. After getting really good at it during middle school I somehow stopped because folding paper cranes, paper horses, paper flowers and stuff didn't seem to lead anywhere. You couldn't really use those for anything useful! (What's up with this "It has no use so ditch it" thinking of mine?)
But during the time I lived in Japan I realized that Japanese people actually do use Origami for all kind of things. Like patching up their paper walls or making muffin forms. There are actually lot of books for "Everyday living Origami"on sale in Japanese bookstores.

So I like to use useful Origami to brighten up my living space. And today we'll make totally easy coasters - really everyone will be able to fold these! Just take two square pieces of paper. If you don't have Origami paper, that's just as fine - just select whatever design holds your fancy.

Step 1: Fold the paper diagonally. Twice.
Step 2: Fold two opposite pikes to the middle.

Step 3: Fold the piece at the middle line. The pikes are inside.
Step 4: The longer and closed side of the piece is at the bottom. Fold the right pike upwards.

Step 5: Turn the piece! (Important!) Fold the other pike upwards. Repeat whole process with the other piece of paper.
Step 6: Combine both pieces. Mark that the flaps have to be inserted into the pockets of the other pieces.

Steps 7 and 8: I just took those pics to make the process of flaps into pockets better understandable.

Make lots of them in different colors and enjoy! Totally easy - or not?

Disclaimer: I used 100 Yen store paper (It is the cheapest kind of Origami paper out there.).


  1. i did it i did it! THANKS!!!

  2. Warning: Do not do this with Post-it notes...
    But the perfect thing to do with downtime at the office! Thanks! ^.^b

  3. What are the measurments of your paper?