Shops in Japan

Hello there,
november really is the most depressing month in Germany. Grey, grey and grey everywhere. No sun, no blue, no colors. Japan on the other hand...
Let's have a look on more colorful places: shops in Japan!

a) Shop for tourists in downtown Asakusa, Tokyo. New Tokyo Sky tree, Godzilla and the last Samurai Sakamoto Ryoma.
b) Totally mind-boggling camera store in Asakusa.
c) Abacus store - I never knew that there existed one.
d) Run down Japanese restaurant.
e) Crazy cake bakery at Kyoto station.
f) Fresh Fish booth at Kyoto market street Nishiki.
g) Kyoto market street Nishiki.
h) Japanese pickles.
i) Dango (a japanese sweet) store.
j) Coffee store. (I just love the Taisho-atmosphere of this store.)
k) Pottery. Around Kiyomizu temple you can find a lot of potters and good japanese ceramic.
l) Tourist stores in Nara near Todaiji temple. With deer! (Roaming about freely.)
m) Japanese sweets store in downtown Nara.
n) Store for calligraphy supply in downtown Nara. Obviously there are a lot of stores in Nara which sell brushes, ink and paper.
o) ...like this.
p) Japanese sweets again.
q) Japanese antiquities.
r) One of my favorites: Japanese tea store.
s) Shopping street in Osaka at night.

I hope you like pictures from Japan - still have lots of them.
Soon it's time for preparing for Christmas. Have you been crafting lately? Will post about my ideas next weekend. Till then have a nice week!

Foxy Greetings!

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