Where we are going...

Well, time is running faster and faster. And while my situation hasn't improved that much (I'm still officially a student and haven't heard anything that sounded like "Get the hell outta here and never come back!" yet.) I'm writing job applications and dream of the things I'd love to do. Maybe. In the future that lies ahead. Sometimes shining like a bright star, sometimes looming about like a black hole.

Well, at least I had time to figure out why I actually want to write this blog. A blog that has no purpose other than self-pity obviously doesn't attract readers. At all. Who would have guessed?

Since last autumn I've been following a lot of crafty and creative bloggers around the globe. Some live in the USA, some in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Japan, Switzerland or even my own home country Germany. Seeing all those marvelous things that they create, I wished to chime in and be more creative again. I renewed my journal, got out my watercolors, learned to crochet and knit again and well, have been quite creative. But everything takes time, doesn't it?

I thought about what attracted me to those blogs in the first place. Well, obviously there are a lot of colorful pictures to behold. I totally can't resist a photo feast of great interiors, nice cloths, new projects, cute pets and make up products. Hey, I'm a end-twenty girl, I'm allowed to like that, totally. As German lawyers are currently filling their pockets with money earned from lawsuits against Internet users who used pictures from other web sites and didn't know about legal restrictions I have to keep to my own pictures, though. Luckily, one of my biggest hobbies is taking pictures. Everywhere, in every pose, with every object possible. Well, almost. I leave the gross stuff out.
Not so luckily my loyal digital camera isn't the newest one anymore, and my plans on saving money for a Sony nexus have been cruelly thwarted by my misfortune of losing my stipend and place in this world of academic excellence.

If I can secure a job in the next two months I swear I'll buy one from the first money I'll get. Well, maybe. Because obviously, I will have to spend a lot of this money on a lot of things one has to buy when entering the real world aka working world. But this is a 'hanashi' (=talk) that is left for the future because frankly I don't have a job. Yet.

Let's sum up the purpose I want to see in this blog of mine:
I want to gather my impressions on the world around me, my take on things and offer you inspiration on your projects if possible. Sometimes I might show you nature, on other days big cities like Tokyo or Frankfurt. On other days I might add some drawings from my journal. For good measure I try to improve on my writing and tell you stories I've witnessed.

Join me on my journey!

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