This year started not unlike any other year. Well, it was maybe a little bit colder and snowier, but I had my place in university hierarchy (at the very base of the ladder, that is) and wanted to finish my dissertation thesis in 2011.

Hell, did I know what was to come my way.

Two weeks ago my supervisor wanted to talk to me. I always liked him. He wasn't very communicative - but which prof actually is? - but he never gave me the feeling of being a total misfit. There was some mild critic on my ramblings, but nothing I couldn't get under control later. Or so I thought.

Two weeks ago I was told that I could stop working on that thing called thesis. No more funding anyway. My writing wasn't bad but the content. Obviously he hadn't been happy with my findings for over a year now.

Do you know the feeling of looking right into a pitch-black abyss? Well, that was the exact feeling I had. One week of sorrow and anguish later, I'm sitting here and thinking about my real goals in life.

What exactly are good goals for living? Seems that family looks like a better alternative, guys. But hey, I only lost two years of work. I didn't lose someone important and I'm actually amazed, that I'm still the same person as I was before.

Who I am? I'm a female 27 year old (ex)grad-student for an exotic language in the south of Germany. Last year I started to rethink my life and what I really want. I still don't know.
But I know that I want to be happy with the small but great happenings in life: (for example)
- Looking at the stars/sun/trees/living things around us
- taking pictures of said things
- cooking with friends
- being creative
- a little bit of shopping
- traveling and exploring the unknown

The little white fox is my companion and good spirit, let him be yours too.

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